Friday, November 20, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Some people think that these water towers
are no longer in use—not so! Found some info,
and—go figure—the one they picture is the same
one I shot! BTW, the silver-and-blue building
on the left is used as NYU housing (daughter
Lila lived there for part of her sophomore year).
Imagine a dorm room (more like a studio
apartment) that's this close to the
Brooklyn Bridge!
[Find more Skywatch here.]


  1. Glad to be back to enjoy this great shot.
    You are offering me 3 of the things I love in NYC, the "gratte-ciel", the water towers and the Brooklyn Bridge. Thank you and a nice weekend to all of you, girls !!
    Oh, sorry, TG....

  2. Wow, that would be a pretty sweet view for any college student!
    Great shot to enlarge Alexa, thanks for sharing the view.

  3. Pointy-topped Doo-dads!! {Again ~ my lucky week. :) } That view is sensational. Were you ever tempted to ask Lila if you could stay the night? {PS A little heads up ~ you've been a shutterbug again over at my place.}

    Goodness, my wv is slums ~ clearly it isn't looking at what we're looking at.

  4. Hi Alexa. I love these water tanks and never grow tired to photograph them... As I'm nuts about New York too ;-)

  5. I also have a thing for NYC water towers, in addition to NYC fire escapes....many photos of them. I like the one you have shown; will check out the link now.

  6. marylene -- maybe you'll see this in person when you DO come to NYC.
    Lily -- sometimes you get what you pay (an arm and a leg) for!
    Shell -- actually, the slums (well, the projects) are on the other side of the bridge: a rent-controlled room with a view.
    Pierre -- we share a love for two beautiful (each in her own way) cities.
    bibi -- you should recognize this one—you were standing right next to me on the Brooklyn Bridge when I took it (probably right after you took it)!

  7. Bibi is right ! Too early morning when I commented, I forgot the fire escapes !! Unforgivable...

  8. Hey,
    Shell sent me today with her lovely illustration of your photo!. Love your blog and your photographs. I'll be back!!!

  9. Nice links. How is that for synchronicity? The same water tower. You obviously know your stuff about what matters, Alexa.

    Marylène , I've been away so long I hardly matter at all anymore. Not to worry!

    I’m much impressed, as usual, with Shell’s renditions. Gorgeous indeed. Thanks for sharing, Shell.


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