Friday, November 6, 2009

Skywatch Friday

I'm happy to report that this photo
was taken from a safe, dry place.
I do love a great stormy sky, though,
don't you? You're looking northeast
from 6th Ave., over some Greenwich
Village rooftops.
[See more Skywatch photos here.]


  1. great stormy sky Alexa. reminds me of Mary Poppins!

  2. Me too ! I was humming "Chim, chimney..." when looking at this great sky of yours..

  3. I was humming, "Pointy-Topped Doo-Dads" as soon as I saw this... I love it, Alexa ~ the sky and the skyline.

  4. Nice! And I love that NY skyline!

  5. Both you and Chuck in Seattle today posted photos taken from warm and dry places! I love the stormy contrasts here.

  6. In a community college art class more decades ago than I might want to admit (although I can still manage to count them on the fingers of one hand) I was taught to pay attention to the balance between negative and positive space. The balance you have achieved in your nicely evocative photo is, as J Bar has written, superb.

    I was toying with your cloudy negative space and wondered if it would mirror the buildings if I looked at the photo upside down. But positive and negative are opposites. Look what I found to be the opposite of your NY skyline seen upside down here.

  7. Upside down with positive and negative reversed.

  8. And here I thought this was just an "okay" picture!
    But, hey, TG (and all of you), I'm seeing it in a whole new light (so to speak).

  9. Glad to see that you were dry! Nice shot!


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