Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

This is the Scholar's Garden, part of the
Snug Harbor Cultural Center, on Staten
Island—totally worth the short (and free)
ride on the ferry. Staten Island is way
off most folks' NYC radar except as a
cliché (as in the movie "Working Girl").
Shame, since it has a thriving art scene,
some decent restaurants, and this place.
[You can find lots of cool shadow shots here.]


  1. ahh! what a nice little scene. this definitely looks like a cool place to explore.

  2. Belle photo, jolie vue et un autre "cliché" qui disparait ! Un grand merci et un triple HOURRA à toi, Alexa !!!

  3. Oh, that's pretty. And to think I got as far as the Staten Island Ferry terminal, and didn't go over. Mind you, it was 10 time.

  4. What a lovely crisp shadow, Alexa! I love this quote over at their website when talking about this Chinese garden: "To paraphrase the 15th century garden designer Ji Ching: "The garden is created by the human hand, but should appear as if created by heaven."


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