Wednesday, November 18, 2009

abc wednesday - R is for "Roman rooftops"

Here's a little tip: If you're in Rome,
go up to the rooftop bar of the Hotel
Raphael. You'll pay a premium for
your drink, but you'll also get some
lovely pre-dinner snacks on the casa
(just don't let the overly aggressive
Roman pigeons get them) and a view
that can't be beat—and it's great in
every direction.
[Find more abc Wednesday here.]


  1. Rome, and your beloved Paris, age so well. How is the U.S. likely to age? Like this but more vandalized.

  2. Nice Rs! I don't know Rome, but you're making me want to go there....

  3. Pointy-topped Doo-dads!!!

    Thanks for the tip, Alexa ~ sounds like a lovely way to while away a few hours.

  4. oooh...I wish I were there this very minute!

  5. I'm with Lily! Wish I were there right this moment, too! Beautiful shot! I do love Italy!



  6. If we get to Italy as planned next year, I'll make a point of it!

  7. TG -- I guess the U.S. is already aging like that, or at least NYC is—that's a great shot of 5 Pointz, in Queens.
    Lily -- I know you do! I wish we were ALL there right now.

  8. Alexa, I agree, “5 Pointz” is a great shot. It’s from your “THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 2009” posting. Great shots are taken by great photographers, no?

  9. Rome is high on my list of place I REALLY WANT TO GO.

  10. TG -- oh, yeah. Well, so much for MY memory.


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