Wednesday, August 31, 2011

abc wednesday —G is for "grand opening"

Finally!  Ladurée (Parisian macaron mecca) opened a store here.
The opening kept getting delayed, but finally yesterday . . .
the windows were dressed and the folks were lined up in anticipation.
The woman next to me in line bought almost $90 worth of these treats,
among them a few gorgeous, pink 'pétale de rose'.  My choice: one flavor only—
caramel au fleur de sel.  The best (imho), and worth every single penny and calorie!

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  1. I understand they also opened up a shop in Tokyo.

    The woman next to you was most conscientious in placing her chosen macarons on her tray as well.

    As much as people like their macarons I wouldn’t be surprised if this shop gives McDonald’s a run for its money before long.

    I see they have a special diet box as well.

    Japanese Hello Kitty has me craving fish so I may go for this one. Doesn’t that look like salmon?

    I was curious as to what your favorites might look like in detail, then, as luck would have it, particularly in regards to your rabid, I mean avid, blog-fan followers who are unable to make the commute to your neck of the woods, there is this recipe.

  2. Those chocolate macarons looks so irresistible!!

  3. And then you can keep the little boxes as a souvenir too!

  4. looks delicious
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. You're a dedicated francophile? Please drop by my place.

  6. Oh, yum...a French friend I saw this summer brought some over from Paris...

  7. TG -- You've truly outdone yourself, Prez Linkin'!
    ODP -- pretty sure they're made here.

  8. Lucky you, looks wonderful from the photos. $90 sounds like someone who got very excited.
    ABC Team

  9. Arrrgh, I'm late for the opening. Désolée. But I'm glad their own tardiness allowed the opening to coincide with your diary, Alexa. And I'm doubly glad they had your fave caramel au fleur de sel ready for you.

    TG ~ yes, I agree with Alexa ~ you've outdone yourself!

  10. So glad that you made this vernissage! Hope you ate at least one macaron pour moi!


  11. Oh, no, that Tall Gary guy has got my salivary glands working overtime, with the link to those recipes.

    A peanut butter and honey sandwich just isn't the same. :-(


  12. Looks so luscious! Lucky you!

  13. Great photos! Cool you made it to the grand opening. The caramel au fleur de sel is definitely worth standing in line for. Amazing how such a small treat can have such a lengthy and complicated recipe. At least now you can buy them in NYC!

  14. Just want to say that I finally ate one (yes, I made myself wait until I could enjoy it with someone special) and that macaron was absolutely a-mazing! My diet and I may be in big, big trouble.

  15. OMG... I love La Duree. I live in NYC and have been reluctant to visit - only because once I start it is a downhill battle. Those macaroons and hot chocolate are sinfully delicious!


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