Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Challenge — "fire"

This young woman, on Campo Santo Stefano,
 in Venice, had gathered quite a good crowd, 
and she was whipping those fire batons around her.
I thought it was just beautiful.

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  1. So is your superlative photo. Wow!

    Speaking of Venice, not so long ago I watched a movie titled Bread and Tulips (at IMDB, of all places. Just click “Watch Now” on the right). Have you seen it? It has a bit of a Venice flavor—enough that I thought of your affection for Venice. I found it cute and enjoyable (whereas I find your photo today stunning and mind twisting (in a good way).

  2. She looks like a flamenco dancer whose twirling dress got just a little too close to her guitar player.

  3. This is magical, Alexa!

    And thanks for the movie tip, TG.

  4. They way u've captured the fire is just awesome!

  5. Fire is always magic, isn't it? And so is your picture.

  6. Sorry, I've forgotten to say that so is Venice, that was the easy one though :-)


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