Monday, August 8, 2011

One with sauerkraut, please

I wouldn't think of going to Coney Island
without stopping here for a "Nathan's famous."
(In fact, I might make the trip expressly
for one of their delicious dogs.)

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  1. And then of course there's the Buddhist monk who, when asking for a hot dog, said, "Make me one with everything." Har.

    Love the signs, and would like a hot dog, just with mustard and some relish.

  2. I chortled at Bibi’s pun. I love good puns.

    Nathan’s famous hot dogs must be good. I hear a lot of people are willing to wait quite a while for one. I wonder how long these guys have been waiting. Not to mention their children.

  3. Egads, so much yellow from which to choose. I'll go the mustard yellow, thank you.

    {Hey, nice to see you again, TG!}

  4. Bibi's joke is the same as the one an Australian told the Dalai Lama recently, except he said it was a pizza shop, and it was the Dalai Lama who walked in. It fell rather flat.

  5. Stores like this is worth visiting because for sure they have the real frankfurters taste. Happy Monday.


  6. Oh I do love this one and remember going to Coney Island with my grandparents when I was very small. I do not remember any hot dogs but that it was a place full of excitement!


  7. @Shell: I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning but I just wanted to say...

  8. Thanks, TG ~ right back at you! {Not to be attempted before one's morning coffee, though...}


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