Friday, August 12, 2011

Skywatch Friday

The idea of the blue hour (or l'heure bleu)
came up recently in a meme I link to
from my other blog.  Now I find
myself looking for it, and one night
as I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge a bit
later than usual—I found it!

[To see more Skywatch, go here.]


  1. love it when the sky gets this color. Nice capture Alexa!

  2. Whew. This is suffused with a deeply spiritual beauty. Like looking at a Naum Gabo sculpture through the Gateway of India.

    Had you just come from a yoga class?

  3. I hope you were heading home after a yoga class. This would have been a lovely way to round it off. It's beautiful, Alexa.

  4. Oooh...very pretty. Reminds me of a similar ad for L'Heure Bleue de Guerlain, my favorite perfume. It showed a Notre-Dame en bleu.

  5. The image I tried to use for the Gateway of India might be here. We’ll see.

  6. Really love this photo! Simply beautiful!

  7. Very good and nice composition in your photo.



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