Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Challenge — "blue"

I've featured an iceberg photo taken by my daughter
Kate on her recent trip up above the Arctic Circle.
(See here.)  So how about a beautiful (blue) closeup?

[To see more blue things, visit the Thursday Photo Hunt.]

And here's the photographer—with a
few new (and sound-asleep) friends.
Welcome to high summer in the
Land of the Midnight Sun!


  1. Wonderful! sounds like a great trip!

  2. How about it, indeed!! Wow, Alexa, you're spoiling me. And I'm very glad to see Kate isn't as blue as the iceberg {or her scarf!}

  3. Ineffably beautiful. I can find no words, but plenty of sighs. (Is that for the ice or the ice queen? Both, but I won’t reveal my preference).

    I like her Louise Brooks bob cut.

  4. I'm not sure there is a more beautiful shade of blue than that of glacial ice. What a thing to get to see in person!

  5. That's truely cool! Beautiful.

  6. That is really nice. I'll try to find something blues myself in my blog. There is so much sea on it that sure I must find something :-)

  7. It has been unbearably hot here. Yesterday at the fish market it was all I could do not to crawl up onto the display with all that fish under ice...

    It wasn't as pretty, though, as your ice, and would have been quite smelly...


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