Wednesday, August 17, 2011

abc wednesday —E is for "escargot"

When in Paris, you can't just eat falafel (see yesterday's post), 
so my daughters treated me to a birthday dinner at Brasserie Balzar 
(I've been eating here since the late '60s—the service has slipped
          but the food is still good) and we shared this plate of snails. 
Put enough butter and garlic on almost anything, and . . . yum!
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And some of us had fun annoying our big sister 
with the traditional snail-eating implements.


  1. I haven't eaten escargot for years. I think I overate them and have become saturated with all that butter and garlic, which I still love....

  2. Ooops...that should have been 'escargots,' with an 's'. I definitely ate more than one...

  3. Hee, I love the photo of your girls, Alexa. As for the escargots, they aren't on my plate tonight but a fair helping of butter and garlic will be.

  4. I've actually never had escargot. Suppose I

  5. I LOVE escargot, but I didn't eat any when I was in Paris. The last time I had them here, they were small and tough as nails - was I ever disappointed!

    Your girls are beautiful!

  6. Definitely have to get your escargot someplace with a reputation. Their so easy to under/over cook.

  7. I hate to admit this but not even the butter and garlic could make me like them...... :)
    ABC Team

  8. Delightful!! I love them but only order them if I feel certain that they will be prepared perfectly... love this shot of your girls... what fun!


  9. My sentiments exactly. I'll eat 'em but if there's not a boatload of garlic butter, i'm out.

  10. I love escargot but none of my friends share my palate! Wonderful photo. Fit for a food magazine.

  11. Sorry, but(t) are we talking about, say, escargot tongs and, “Let’s put this back up there where it belongs. Give us a deep Inhale through your nostrils."?

    What a couple of cutie pies. Or should I say half a dozen?

  12. Hey, y'all -- that's right—it's all about the butter and garlic, for sure!
    TG -- cutie pies? You're right on both counts. And, yes, that's the exact implement—perfect for grabbing a slippery snail—or your sister's nose. :~}

  13. I was going to say, “... a couple of stunners..,” for surely they are, but at my age it has become difficult to see people 30 years or more my junior as anything but very young, regardless of their chronological age, or even the actual level of their ultra-sophisticated maturity, for example, you know, “It looks just like a green booger when you had that nasty cold when you were 12, remember, remember?”


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