Monday, August 15, 2011

Mother Nature rocks!

Don't you love the way this moth (or is it a
fuzzy butterfly? I don't know) is equipped
with a built-in "straw"—perfect for drinking
its meals from the depths of these blooms? 

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  1. Nice colors and close up.

    If it’s fuzzy it’s probably a moth.

    You havin’ a heat wave or somethin’? This guy looks particularly thirsty.

  2. Hiya, I opt for butterfly, but find it often hard to tell.
    Wonder what they do when that 'straw' breaks :-)

  3. She certainly does! Gorgeous macro.

  4. Did you know about this?: One particular example illustrates Darwin's powerful insight. He studied dried specimens of Angraecum sesquipedale, an orchid native to Madagascar. The white flower of this orchid has a foot-long (30 cm) tubular spur with a small drop of nectar at its base. Darwin claimed that this orchid had been pollinated by a moth with a foot-long tongue. He noted, however, that his statement "has been ridiculed by some entomologists." And indeed, around the turn of the century, a Madagascan moth with a one-foot-long tongue was discovered. Apparently, the moth's tongue uncoils to sip the nectar of A. sesquipedale as it cross-pollinates the flowers.

  5. Look at the antennae. Moth antennae vary, but lack the clubbed end that butterfly antennae have. So Alexa's insect is (almost certainly) a butterfly.

  6. I totally agree Alexa!
    great shot too.
    I hope you are enjoying the rain, nice for a change isn't it?

  7. She sure does! What a wonderful photo! I posted this moth, then someone wrote to say it was a butterfly. Oh, well....

    And wow, what Bert wrote!

  8. Excellent macro! Nice detail.


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