Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Challenge — "empty"

Parisians must like to sleep in on Saturday morning.
We're looking up the rue St. Etienne du Mont and as
you can see from the clock in the bell tower,
it's after 9. Hey, I'd been up for 3 hours already!
(Granted, this is not a well=traveled street, but
really, I had the Latin Quarter all to myself.)

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  1. What a great photo for this challenge, Alexa. Nice to know the later risers still have some chance of finding a quiet street here or there.

  2. Wauw .......... what a good picture!! Nice such old streets, I like that, but here you can feel the emtiness.

  3. One of the big, big plusses of getting up early in Paris, or almost in any big city, is the emptiness. I love it, and it yields some great photos, like yours.

  4. Hauntingly evocative in a Giorgio de Chirico Mystery and Melancholy of a Street kind of way.

    I wish I could leave a clever comment here but if the total contents of my brain could be accurately gauged this morning it would surely look like this.

  5. So you had plenty of space to walk around. Very good picture!

  6. I like walking up such empty cobbled streets. Great shot.

  7. Love this cobble stone street! It looks so much like a street in Breda, one of my favorite little cities in Holland to mosy around - just like that with a view of a church tower in the distance.


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