Monday, August 22, 2011

Paris at Night 3

I went to this restaurant on the Ile Saint Louis once—
against my better judgement because it's pretty touristy,
 the food is more for gourmands than gourmets
(and I'm neither), and they pack the patrons in cheek by jowl.
But in fact I have a wonderful memory of the place
because we made fast friends with our table mates,
enjoyed everything they piled on our plate, drank pitcher
after pitcher of red wine, and finally stumbled out
of there about 5 hours later, well after midnight.

[And it's Mellow Yellow Monday. To see more, go here.]


  1. That sounds like a fun memory you'll never forget!

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  3. Sounds like a recipe for a great evening, Alexa! I, too, would forgive the cramped quarters and touristy vibe for a night like that.

  4. Ditto what Lily and Shell said. Lucky you!

    From your description I would imagine that it is not always easy to secure seating there, as this eponymous clientele has discovered.

    Now my luck is something else entirely different. I would go in there and ask them for a specialty of the house and be served a well-aged dish of this, because with my atrocious American accent the service help would have heard this.

  5. Sounds good. Don't know this one, but was treated to dinner at L'Orangerie once, a place I couldn't afford at the time.

  6. That seems be good... making friends is a nice memory.

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  7. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  8. You're my kinda girl A. I thought this was a clothing store at first glance. LOVE the photo.

  9. You had me with the pitchers of wine and making friends with strangers... right down my alley. Stumbling out 5 hours later is good too!



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