Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Traveling Tuesdays

My daughter Kate just spent a week up above the
Arctic Circle—lucky girl!  One day, they went out in a
Zodiac and chopped off a piece of this iceberg.

Here it is.  (And then they broke it up
and used it to chill cocktails—skol!)

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  1. This isn’t the first time for her, I seem to recall. Wow. Ice from a glacier. Must be pure and untainted. I wonder if that chunk predated the industrial revolution. It certainly must have contained a minimum of radioactive cesium... You know, comparatively speaking...

    Hmm. Cocktails. Considering that frozen, slushy sea; if their ship had a large enough cargo of this and this they wouldn’t even need a blender to make a few of these. Pass the bucket, please. But wait. I have a better idea. ♫♩“If I were a diving duck...”♪♫♩

  2. Loving aqua as I do, the colour of those large icebergs are gorgeous!! Your girls are adventurous. Dare I say, a chip off the very wonderful block.

  3. A lucky girl indeed! And thank you for sharing the photos. They're just what we need here in Italy to take our minds off the sweltering heat.

  4. Great pic! Thanks to Kate.
    This reminds me of my surprise when, on a cruise in Alaska, I understood for the first time the real meaning of the color "bleu glacier"!!
    But I didn't get a chance to drink a Margarita chilled by an iceberg! You're making me thirsty, TG! Still quite warm here for the moment...

  5. I am laughing!
    That is a lot of trouble for a bit of ice in your drink.

    ~Where are we going next tuesday?

  6. Now, that's some ICE for a cocktail! It is a very select group that can say they have enjoyed that! blessings ~ tanna

  7. Today, here where it is in the 90's, that is such a refreshing shot....and the cocktails sound good.


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