Friday, August 5, 2011

Skywatch Friday

Okay, I know I've featured more or less this
vista before—but lower Manhattan from the
Brooklyn Promenade is a world-class view!

[To see more Skywatch, go here.]


  1. It sure is. I never get tired of looking at NYC from this viewpoint.

  2. You can show me this view as often as you like, Alexa. Beautiful, especially through your eyes!

  3. I totally agree with Bibi and Shell! Never too much of that view of NYC! Thank you for sharing and nice weekend (not too hot!).

  4. Wow Alexa, beautiful! As well as your header -somehow you make the bustling city an attractive place!

  5. Evening. Silhouetted against the channel, a sparse line of tall weeds imperceptibly dance as if in a daydream, listening distractedly to the gentle music of water lapping just below them. Across the variegated jade-colored expanse the silhouette of the Manhattan skyline is all burnt umber except for a single sliver of building face catching bright rays of the lowering sun. One window sparks like it’s holding a burning diamond. Annealing the heat of the summer day the sun is quenched in a steaming mass of radiant, then darkening clouds. A waterbird pierces my heart with its cry.

  6. Great view, I don't mind seeing this many times!


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