Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Traveling Tuesdays

This is Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral very early
in the morning, before the tourists showed up.
I guess you might say I'm a tourist too, but I'd
much rather be considered a visitor—it's
a fine distinction perhaps, but an important one.
Anyone who loves to travel knows exactly what I mean!

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  1. Traveling Tuesdays-what a great idea!
    beautiful shot Alexa!

  2. Such gorgeous light. It’s like being at the hearth of heaven.

    But hark! What is that sound my ears discern?

  3. TG -- Coincidentally, my ringtone actually IS church bells. :~}

  4. I think you are more than a visitor!

    Considering your knowledge of Paris, your long history/love affair with the city and your "like at home" attitude when wandering in the streets, I would consider you as a "citoyenne d'honneur" de Paris!!!

    And I am sure that Eric and friends would totally agree with me!

  5. I adore the feeling of being a visitor ~rather than a tourist.
    That was well said~
    Where are we going next tuesday?

  6. Yes, there's a difference....I enjoy visiting many places in Paris before the tourists. Your photo makes me nostalgic...

  7. Love your thoughts on visiting and the photo is really lovely. I'm hooked on Traveling tuesdays. It's a nice way to be swept away.

  8. Glad I came by to your other blog ~ it is awesome ~ Wonderful photos ~ thanks ^_^
    namaste, Carol visiting from Come Share with a Camera ( my blog is Share the Creative Journey) and A Creative Harbor ~ come visit ~ thanks

  9. Thanks to all of you—et tu me fais rougir avec un tel compliment, Marylène!

  10. A grand photo for a grand place. I love the idea of "Traveling Tuesdays".

  11. You know how I love churches and this is one of the most magnificent. I love your capture here with the rose window and the soft colors on the stone. The architectural details are stunning. I hope you have this one propped up somewhere to see often.



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