Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Job

I keep posting pictures of snow and saying this 
is the last of it. Maybe this time it's true.
Some of us (mainly grown-ups) are pretty sick
of the white stuff, but it did make for 
some fine sledding and snow-fort-building 
in Prospect Park this past weekend.

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  1. Sometimes winter seem to hang on too long. For all of you in the east I know that by now it seems it will never end.

  2. I do know how glad you guys in the east will be to see the end of this winter! Ours has been the mildest on record! Talk about extremes! I'm trying to push some of our mild weather your way! Have a great week!


  3. Yep, mighty pretty, but I don't want any more of it this year....

  4. BTW, I remember being in Paris once on April 1st. Poisson d'avril it was....

  5. I'm pretty happy to have a long-distance romance with snow. :)


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