Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New York Then and Now

I found a cool new website that features
old pictures of New York (and other cities too, 
including Paris and London). When I
saw this shot of Union Square, taken in 1893, 
I remembered one I had taken from more or less 
the same vantage point (looking northeast) last summer

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  1. this is so cool and what a great find Alexa!
    re your tree inquiry & I'm superstitious to even say anything since we live next to a giant Swamp Maple, but yes, we were spared any damage, knock on wood!

  2. Oh, I so love seeing now-and-then photos. I'm sure you must have thought the same, but this reminds me of Jack Finney's 'Time and Again.'

  3. It’s hard to believe what a difference a simple century-plus can make.

    I wonder if you would enjoy these old stereoviews of New York. (The trick is to actually get close enough to touch your nose to the monitor right at the center line. Keep things a bit blurry; and keep pulling back slowly or quickly until it focuses).

    Okinawa Soba at Flickr has some great century-old Japan stereoviews but it seems inappropriate for your blog.


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