Thursday, March 25, 2010

Buon Compleanno, Venezia

Here's another birthday (even more impressive
than my mom's 90th). Today La Serenissima
celebrates her 1,589th! I think she's looking as 
beautiful as ever, and I wish her many, many more.


  1. All wonderful images Alexa - I love your photo collage!

  2. Lily -- Are you staying up late too? These are some of my suggestions for you for your next trip to Italy!

  3. Oh this is a beautiful collage. Great pics Alexa! I know that you are a true lover of Venice...

  4. Happy birthday to both those ladies, especially to your mother. My mother will be 86 in June. I've been super-busy and not able to visit a lot, so I may have missed a post for your mother.

    I love these photos; make me want to head over to Italy. There's a riverside cafe here called 'Venezia,' and that's about as close as I'll get for now.

  5. Hey Alexa...what a beautiful tribute to your mother (previous entry). What a beautiful lady! I need to stop by here more often; your photos of Venice are always enchanting and so interesting. FYI,I've an Italian exchange student in my composition class (Julio)and he is from near Venezia and is an amazing "futbol" player.;-) Alexa, I remember when you started this blog. You've come a long way pilgrim. Also, love the new photo too! Best to you all in NYC.

  6. The things you know, Alexa ~ you never cease to impress me!! What a beautiful tribute.


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