Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flatiron Building

Can't believe I haven't shown you this one
before.  Again, it's my old neighborhood, but 
I think I'll let Wikipedia tell you all
about it—because, you know that if it says
so on Wikipedia, it must be true! :~}

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  1. I love the bright blue sky with this favorite NYC building of mine.

  2. So, the triangular shape of the lot it sits on is where it gets its name. That and the fact that it turns glowing red hot when in proximity to the sun. Passing clouds must go from this to this

  3. oooh i hope one day to see this building for real!


  4. It looks like it's been ironed Very Flat from this angle, Alexa ~ what a beauty!!

  5. A very interesting building and a real nice photo.

  6. This is also one of my favorite buildings in New York. There's kind of a smaller version of it, don't know if intentional, in Seattle.

  7. I've enjoyed my trip around your two blogs .... lovely, peaceful photos you've taken.


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