Monday, March 15, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Again, not exactly mellow, this yellow.
Spent the weekend out on Long Island and, man—
did we ever have some weather!
Rain, hail, high winds—everything but snow,
and thank goodness because they said that if the 
rain we got had been snow there would
have been at least 4 feet!  Power was out all over 
the place, and I was up early to check out
the damage.  You can see two of them here, but trees 
were down the length of this street—and all 
over the area.  Many were much bigger even than these.

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  1. Yes. Not exactly a mellow yellow. It actually looks quite chipper (ho ho).

    Good thing the trees didn’t topple in the opposite direction.

    Can’t help wondering if the truck driver looked something like this.

  2. Scary when trees fall. I saw a large, tall pine fall on a roof in Seattle once, inflicting major damage.

    Ha, ha for Tall Gary's need to enlarge the photo to understand....

  3. wow! You got hail???
    I saw a couple of smaller trees down & some wind damage & one big tree down on the LIE but luckily not on my block!
    It was pretty fierce wasn't it?


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