Saturday, March 20, 2010

photo Hunter — "three"

This is a little trick I like to do on the
vernal equinox. Have you ever tried
it? As you can see, it works!
A physicist (and spoilsport) friend of mine 
insists that you could actually
balance an egg on its end on any day
of the year, but I still prefer to reserve this 
exercise in concentration and
patience for the 1st day of spring.
(Yay—finally, it's here!)

[See more interpretations of "3" here.]


  1. No, I've never tried it ~ and it makes a delightful photo, Alexa! Happy Spring to you all.

  2. nice trick & photo. don't know if i'd have the patience for that.

  3. Wow. I'm impressed, not just one but three eggs balanced.

  4. Wow not saw a trick like this ehheeh..happy hunting.

  5. hooray for Spring! what a great shot Alexa. Now I have to go try this too, today & tomorrow! LOL.
    stop by & visit, I'm celebrating today with a giveaway.
    : )

  6. i haven't tried that. but pretty cool.

  7. Never tried that, is it trick photography? This has been such a fun theme with so many different angles. You've got a great shot that fits the theme just right.

  8. TG -- how do you know these things are out there in the first place? Ever thought about going on Jeopardy?
    Scott -- no tricks, I promise!


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