Wednesday, March 10, 2010

abc wednesday - H is for "horizon"

Admittedly, the horizon is probably not the first
thing you notice in this shot of the beautiful
village of Vernazza, in Italy's Cinque Terre.
But there it is out there (and even without a
ship disappearing over it I can see how
Columbus came to his correct conclusion).

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  1. beautiful shot! i bet its a quaint town. :)

  2. That far ocean horizon:
    A hint of a curve where it meets the sky.
    So, too, the slope of my love Vernazza’s shoulders as they sweep from her neck.
    A sweep lower to hold that cabochon harbor at her rosy breast:
    Like a brooch made of translucent emerald sea water, warm and brightly glowing.

    (Word verification: moody)

  3. Nice one. That's a place worth seeing in person, horizon and all.

  4. Lianne -- Thanks. It's very charming.

    TG -- Oh my!

    Bibi -- It is—also worth the climb up there (to the cemetery, btw) to get this view.

  5. Wow, it must be incredible living on that little piece of land. I bet it is desirable because it is so beautiful. Sure looks good to me!

  6. How High you must have had to hold your hands to get such a shot!

    Seriously, it's a beautiful picture, and the horizon inspires, beckons, one to go beyond it, just to see what's there!

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday Team, Thanks for joining us this week. Hope to see you back next week too!


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  8. It does look lovely. We're hoping to visit Italy this year!

  9. I didn't visit the Cinque Terre when in Italy. My bad! I'd love to climb down there and draw and dawdle over a cioccolata calda.

  10. Great shot, tho' you're right that the horizon isn't the 1st point of focus. Pretty anyway.


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