Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

The Lone Sharks (my brother's band for
those of you who haven't heard me go
on about them ad nauseum) played a gig out
in East Hampton—and look what I saw!

[See more Shadow Shots here.]


  1. Even the shadows of the world’s coolest band come off as the world’s coolest silhouettes.

  2. How cool is that, good catch!

    I'm with ya on the camera thing, never leave home without it...I'd be naked in a world of color charts...

  3. I agree with TG! & Sweet Repose too!
    That sounds like a lot of fun Alexa.
    : )

  4. This just might be my favorite, today.
    Love it! Although I'm not quite ready to vote, yet.

  5. This is a great shadow shot – I could see it as a book cover – very artistic.


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