Thursday, March 18, 2010

apartment envy

I've had my beady little eye on this place in
DUMBO for a looong time. The top three floors 
of the building are one apartment—
with slammin' views of lower Manhattan, and 
the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.
Someone told me that the current owner
paid $12 million.  If true: a bargain!


  1. Even with bucket loads of green martinis on St. Patrick’s Day they would still have a great view of...

  2. $12 million? Whoa, if you're considering this, you're out of my league! ;)

    But I would appreciate the view!!!

  3. They should be so lucky, TG!
    Bibi -- No, I'm just dreaming (even though, not fer nuthin', this joint has no terrace). I couldn't even afford the place I have if I had to buy it today!

  4. This is pretty awesome Alexa.
    & a girl can dream! I can't imagine life without dreaming.
    : )

  5. {Wolf whistle...}

    TG, that's where my mind went!

  6. Say, that's a PTDD of sorts, isn't it.


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