Saturday, March 27, 2010

photo Hunter — "fresh"

Fish fresh from the lagoon and tomatoes
fresh from Sicily—both for sale at the
Rialto (a really super) market, in Venice.
I bought some of these tomatoes—they
tasted like the earth and the sun!

[Catch more "fresh" photos here.]


  1. You can't get any fresher than this!
    I love really good tomatoes. I can't wait for the ones straight from my parents garden.
    Have a great weekend Alexa.

  2. I have a tomato farmer in the family and just as painters have unpainted houses, his luscious tomatoes are hard to come by. :) These ones look pretty amazing too, Alexa.

  3. Nice shots! That looks delicious.
    Happy weekend!

  4. aloha,

    i love your take on the current theme of fresh….love your sicily photos...aaah i would love to go to the markets there again :)

    thanks for sharing

  5. Those tomatoes would get wonderfully with my fresh mozzarella!

  6. mmmmmmmmmm tomatoes are my favorite food to eat ever..Sicily ahhhhhhhhhh

  7. Perhaps Simon and Garfunkel could do these justice.

    ♫♪“Oh Sicilia, you're warming my heart
    You're pleasing my palette so gaily
    Oh, Sicilia, I'm down on my knees
    I'm begging you please gimme more
    Gimme more”♬♩


    “...they tasted like the earth and the sun!” Is it true then—we are what we eat? Could that be where Alexa gets her sunny disposition and deep connection with her surroundings?

  8. Thanks, all!

    TG --if I could eat those tomatoes fresh from that market every day, it would do wonders for my disposition for sure.
    Re yesterday: Clearly, you don't suffer from hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia!

  9. Oh I remember the tomatoes on rue Mouffetard's markets. All plump and delicious all hooked together in their perfect little rows! ;)

  10. Yum, yum. I love those little fish and the tomatoes, too.

  11. This is fabulous especially the fish.


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