Friday, March 19, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Not sure I could ever live in a place that didn't
have some kind of water nearby, and that
includes the Seine, Arno, Tiber, and Thames
Rivers, and the Grand or any other canal.
Right now I'm making do with the East, Hudson, 
and Harlem Rivers, Long Island Sound, 
Gowanus Canal, and . . . oh yeah, the Atlantic Ocean. 
This shot's courtesy of my daughter 
Lila, a fellow water sign.

[See more Skywatch pics here.]


  1. so beautiful Alexa. I feel the same way about the water. Long Island spoiled me.

  2. Oh, that's gorgeous ~ I'd love to be there right now. Thank you for sharing Lila's beautiful photo with us ~ hits the spot for my Friday afternoon!

  3. That's a beautiful, almost universal beach photo. I love it. Get out there with your metal detector....

  4. Hi!
    Beautiful shot! Looks like a great place for an afternoon stroll. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff


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