Thursday, March 11, 2010

Congrats to Eric!

In honor of the 5th anniversary of Paris Daily Photo
(the original and still the best daily photo blog!)
today, here's a shot taken from the "famous Tenin
perspective."  We all know it's not easy to keep it
up all the time, and I really, really hope PDP keeps
marchin' on for a very long time!  Merci bien, Eric . . .


  1. The tilt, the feet, the low angle--you've got the Tenin technique!

  2. Nice shot, Alexa. Love all the blacks: the boots (made for walking), the building and clothes in the window. I hope those boots didn't walk all over you

  3. from cali -- Since you brought it up . . . When I lived in Paris, I was asked to choreograph a number at the Crazy Horse Saloon—to "These Boots Are Made For Walking." How did you know??

  4. Oh, NICE! One booted foot going this-a-way, and all the others going that-a-way, all from the Tenin angle.

    Very good!!!

  5. Beautifully done, Alexa! And I'm so glad Cali caused you to drop that little gem on us. So did you accept the gig???

  6. Congrats to you !
    You had some private lessons by "le Maître" to get the Tenin perspective ?
    So many will be jealous !!!!

  7. this is perfect Alexa! & I echo your sentiments about PDP too.
    Where would we be without the wonderful Eric?!

  8. You look like a boots girl, Alexa! Another amazing story. Now tell us more!

  9. Perfect example Alexa! Nicely executed!!


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