Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Okay, I'll admit it—I've always wanted to get
one of these metal detectors and stroll the beach 
in search of buried treasure.  This is
a good time of year to do this, because in
summer, Coney Island still tends to look
like this.  Wonder if he found anything.

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  1. Agree with you!!! I may just splurge on one of these next time I'm in Seattle; lots of beaches there.

    I'm going to Google them right now.

  2. I would enjoy a metal detector because I am in an area full of civil war history. Three miles down my road is one of the largest civil war battlefield parks. Actually the former owners of my house said that a civil war belt buckle was found in my back yard. My road was the site of a major battle on 27-June 1864. So it would be fun to have a detector.

  3. the beach goers all look like they are posing for the camera too!
    I have one of those detectors. I never found anything. though I only tried twice, so I'm probably not a good example for treasure hunting.
    Luckily it was a hand me down so at least I didn't pay for it.
    : )


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