Monday, March 1, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Went to a screening of this film at the
Italian Cultural Institute last week. It
was totally charming. Lidia Bastianich was 
there, so I introduced myself. She'd
mentioned that her mother is 89. Mine will be 90 
soon, and when I told Lidia what we're 
giving Mom for her b-day, she asked if she could
 borrow the idea for her own mother's birthday. There's 
one thing wrong with this poster, though—no
one drank anything but white wine (and a lot of it!) 
in the entire film. It's a Roman thing, I was told.

[See more Mellow Yellow here.]


  1. oh how exciting, the movie, meeting Lidia. I love watching her cook. So, what are you getting your Mom?
    Also, re your questtion about horseback riding in Bethpage. I have to say, you have some memory as well as an observant nature because the Bethpage Stables used to be directly across the street from that small hill I photographed.
    I personally have never really noticed that hill until last year.
    I also used to take riding lessons there when I was in Girl scouts.

  2. ooh i hope and pray we get our visa approved so we can visit Italy =)

    happy Monday! my entry is here

  3. I shouldn't have visited Lidia's scrumptious-looking website on an empty tummy! That's a delightful poster, Alexa ~ I must remember such attention to detail if I'm ever called on to draw something like this. :) I'll look forward to hearing your b-day plans for your mum when you're ready to unveil them.

  4. That's a wonderful movie poster. I doubt the movie will make Tulsa for some reason.

  5. For sure the movie is fun, the title say for it self. Happy Monday!

    3 Beautiful Gnomes

  6. Nice poster for the movie. Don't really see that many posters that pretty any more. Good MYM find.

  7. Lily -- I'll tell you after we give it to her.

    Kero -- I hope so too.

    Shell -- I'm a copy editor—they pay me to notice stuff like that! (And apparently I can't turn it off after work.)

    Yogi -- maybe it'll show up on Netflix (if you're lucky).


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