Wednesday, March 24, 2010

abc wednesday - J is for "Jean"

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated my mom's
90th birthday (that's her about 65 years ago, in
a photo taken by my father). Her brother, children,
daughter-in-law, and grandchildren all contributed
to the list and I made the book on my trusty Mac.
And, yes, we made her cry.

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  1. What an awesome idea! We did 70 things for my dad on his 70th b-day. Each thing was in a brown lunch bag with a label. We gave him 70 watt bulbs because he's so bright, 70 marbles in case he ever lost his and on and on. We didn't have 70 bags, tho.

    Your mom was beautiful. I'll bet she still is.

    Happy ABC Wednesday!

  2. Clara -- love your version—and, yes, my mom is still beautiful (and she still has ALL her marbles).

  3. I somehow imagine there was a fair bit of crying going on all around! What a wondrous gift for your dear mom, Alexa. And darn, I wish I'd known Clara's "70 things" when we were planning my dad's 70th. I'll file it away for his 80th!

  4. Inside every aging body is a strong and youthful spirit. Your photo has captured a moment in time when it was visible for all to see. If you made her cry it means she still can remember and still has all of her marbles. My Mum wasn't so lucky on her 90th.

  5. Wow, she looked like a Hollywood actress! What a lovely birthday present.

  6. I agree...she looks like a Hollywood actress...stunning women.

    Of course you made her cry that is what grandmas do. God love her, my Grandma is celebrating 95 and gramps 94. Hopefully you and I have some of this old age stuff in our genes. I can only hope.

  7. How lovely! The book will be a treasured possession for her in weeks and months to come!

    It's my mother's 90th this weekend and I really should have dug out some old photos of her, but I haven't had the time!

  8. Oh that is so sweet. I imagine that will be her treasure forever and she look very gorgeous! Happy weekend!

    ABC Wednesday-J for Jump & Joy

  9. Nice photo. On behalf of ABC Wed. thanks for playing.

  10. Beautiful book. So thoughtful of you. Beautiful sentiment. But most of all, what a beautiful mother—in appearance then, and in heart and soul today.

  11. this is such a beautiful idea! I wish I thought of it for my Mom's 75th. You know it's good if you made her cry!
    & oh my gosh your mom is beautiful. I see your face in hers too Alexa.

  12. How wonderful! She's a beauty and you all recognize how lucky you are to still have her and she knows how lucky she is to have you. Joyous!


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