Thursday, March 4, 2010

signs of the times?

Not that this affects me in the slightest
(and I rarely find myself here on Park
Avenue, where the Ferrari and Mercedes
dealerships are), but I might have to
return to see if they actually did "re-open soon." 
 So, what kind of car do you drive?


  1. Nothing of that caliber. With no garage here, such a car would fall prey to thieves...if not to dents and scratches.

    I drive an Opel Corsa....but Jacob in Ft. Lauderdale, if you are reading this, it's a Yugo.... (private joke!)

  2. wow, fancy schamncy! I like your side by side shots Alexa.
    Honda CRV, which is a tad disappointing since I expected much better mileage.

  3. It is not surprising that Ferrari will re-open soon. I read that in the US as a percentage rich people are getting richer much faster than the rest of the population. There is a waiting list for the big yachts being built. Bentleys can sell all the cars they wish without marketing them it seems. But I drive a Scion TC.

  4. A 10 year old Subaru, a 9 year old Mini, and 3 Vespas. If I added them all together I wouldn't have the downpayment for one of these models ... and I think I'm probably just as happy, too.

  5. Believe it or not my ’vette gets absolutely fabulous mileage.


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