Tuesday, August 4, 2009

view from the ferry

Took this from the ferry landing on the Staten Island
side (first time for this borough, I think).  The tall buildings
on the left are New Jersey, on the right Manhattan—with
the Statue of Liberty in between. Last time I rode the
ferry, it was snowing.  It amazes (and pleases)
me that it's still free!


  1. Now I have, again, to go get my NY city guide to figure out, again, the geography of the area !!!!
    And did I understand correctly ? The ferry is free ? If so, I am so impressed ! I never thought anything could be free around NYDC !!LOL !

  2. Great photo, especially with the cloud. The ferry is still free? Amazing.

  3. Free? How amazing! I can't get over how tiny everything is from this vantage point. For some reason, it still looks cold to me...

  4. I never knew it was FREE! Now I have to definitely take that ride. How cool is that? Thanks Alexa!

  5. enjoyed the capture enlarged and i could make out the statue of liberty. i have not made it out to staten island and so look forward to seeing all soon.

  6. That's a great ride. I like the view you captured.

  7. Thanks all!
    Marylene -- maybe you and I (and Lily H!) need to ride the ferry when you come here next month!


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