Saturday, August 22, 2009

NY Sightseeing

Took this shot WAY downtown, when I was
on my way to catch the Staten Island Ferry.
(BTW, daughter Katie works in this building.)
Have often thought it would be interesting to
take one of these buses, just to see what new
things I might learn about my hometown.  Have 
you ever taken a sightseeing tour where you live?


  1. You can't miss that bus!

    No, I haven't caught a local sightseeing bus - and I always feel a twinge of guilt when I see the CityCats {fast little ferries} gliding up the Brisbane River. I've still never been on one!

  2. Haven't taken a tour bus here in Belgrade, but I have taken a couple of refreshing and worthwhile river trips on the Danube and Sava here.

    Marianne and I took a Manhattan and Brooklyn tour at night, and it was FANTASTIC! Even a New Yorker like her loved it. Go for it, Alexa!


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