Saturday, August 29, 2009

unusual pets

Okay, it's not exactly cuddly (and I hope
they're not expecting those plastic 
gloves to protect them from its claws), 
but these kids look pretty happy 
with their short-lived new pet.


  1. My little nephew asked for (and got) a cute little hermit crab as a birthday present so why not a real crab.
    But still you scared me to death ! Before I enlarged the picture, I was seeing a giant tarentula instead ! Then I discovered the crab and the cute little smyling vampire on the left !!!!

  2. Or right ! Early morning in France ! LOL !

  3. Marylene -- one of my kids got a hermit crab for her birthday one year—not because she wanted it, just because we were staying at the beach at the time. Yes, that kid is adorable, but I don't know how she eats! You remind me that I took a picture of a tarantula years ago. Now I think I'll have to put it here.

  4. I don't know anything about hermit crabs ~ so those flimsy gloves really will protect those little nippers from the little nippers? {In case it's just an Australian term, 'little nippers' refers to children!}

  5. Shell -- this is definitely NOT a hermit crab! And, no, the gloves are essentially useless (poor little nippers).

  6. oh my... the children look so happy. young and fearless, what a great way to live!

  7. Wonder if he ended up as a crabcake...


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