Thursday, August 27, 2009


I haven't yet found out who's responsible for
these would-be Monroes: Madonna, Angelina,
even Mr. Spock. These are in the far West Village,
once a cool neighborhood but now becoming
├╝ber-hip. Haven't seen them anywhere else,
but I do like them.


  1. Argh, up rise those mixed feelings I have about graffiti. :) At least these appear to be removeable - I admit it, I like them too, Alexa!

  2. Hey, Alexa! I have the same shots from when I was in NYC! Also one of Einstein nearby, if I remember correctly.. Great minds... (I mean ours, not Einstein's, ha, ha.)

  3. these are so cool, I like the "Spock" one the best!


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