Monday, August 17, 2009

tourist central

Must admit that I often roll my eyes
at what I think of as "tourist junk."
On the other hand, here's part of
my Eiffel Tower collection. So what's
the difference really?


  1. A lot of differences ! Rien à voir ! I love your "theme" collection !
    But I must say that, in Paris, I also love to look at all the "tourist junk" they offer, it is so funny and sometimes surprising. Even if you don't like, you must admit they don't lack imagination !!!!

  2. It's funny, some things can seem like "tourist junk" but can still look wonderful. I think it has a heck of a lot to do with the eye of the person arranging their collection - though there is still a line that can be drawn between really junky junk and the rest. I love your ET collection, Alexa, and you probably knew I would!

  3. If only I knew how to do it, I would be happy to show you the picture of my little American nephew holding his colored glass (plastic !) Eiffel Tower,( et qui s'illumine!!) probably made in China ! But he didn't care !!!

  4. Hi, ladies! - I'm glad you like my collection. I didn't start out collecting ETs on purpose; it just sort of happened. But an ET that lights up is something I would buy in a heartbeat if I found one. Some friends brought one back from Paris, but they won't give it to me :~{ Guess I'll just have to go get my own.


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