Friday, August 21, 2009

Skywatch Friday

It's great to come down to the beach at

dusk, dig a pit and build a fire, and toast
a marshmallow or two while you listen
to the sound of the surf. Bonus: Then it
gets dark and the stars appear. So, are
you a beach person too?

[See more Skywatch shots here.]


  1. How on earth did you capture those blues. I love color and skywatch friday is a burst of colors this week. Yours is the first turquoise I've found. Love it. love it. love it!!!!

  2. Great sky and great picture ! I am sure you already guessed I am a beach person too, LOL....

  3. Dusk and duskier ~ yes, I'm that kind of beach person.

  4. I too love beaches and toasted marshmallow, neither of which Belgrade has, unless you count river beaches....ain't the same.

    Lovely photo!

  5. OK, if you insist, I must confess a huge flaw in my American culture !
    I hardly dare to say it, I know you won't be able to consider me the same way ......
    I have NEVER eaten toasted marshmallows !
    (Blush !!!) (And a big sight !)
    Do you think I'll manage to get through immigration despite that, Alexa ?

  6. Some very nice colors here, love it!!

    Well done,

    Have a nice SWF

  7. I more of a "lounge around the swimming pool while drinking ice-tea or lemonade" kind of person. :-)

    Love the evening light in the photo.


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