Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

One more from Out East:
Sand dunes are well protected in Montauk
(at the very tippy-tip of Long Island).
And that's definitely a good thing—I can't
imagine the beaches without them.
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  1. That sure is a good thing ~ though I'm glad they stopped short of barbed wire. :) Lovely complex shadows, Alexa!

  2. Fences, more fences,
    to keep the sand from drifting,
    shifting to the sea.

    My Shadow Shots

  3. cool shadows Alexa! the angle you caught these in make for a really neat design.

  4. Wonderful photo of the fencing and the shadows created - as for cooking on the beach, that shot reminds me of the movie, Julia!

  5. Love this shot...sure hope the dunes are still there after hurricane Bill peters out!

  6. lovely patterns there, glad they're helping to preserve the dunes...

  7. Love it !! Hope you still have the same king of weather !!

  8. What a great SS you captured! Love the textures too. It's so cool that I've been there/seen that on visit to L.I.


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