Friday, August 28, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Does it count if you can't actually see the
sky in a Skywatch Friday shot? I hope so.
This one is reflected in this car parked on
St. Mark's Place in the heart of the East
Village, on a sunny summer afternoon.

[See more Skywatch shots here.]


  1. Surely it counts! And there's another on the car behind. We could play a competition: see if you can find all the skies in this photo. :)

  2. I agree with Shell Sherree ! 2 skies for the price of one !
    This place looks so "provincial" to me, are you sure we are still in New York ?

  3. Yep, it counts. As long as there's a sky somewhere!

    I think I did a reflection Skywatch somewhere...

  4. I think you get extra points for reflections.

  5. Very clever and unusual. Great shot.

  6. yes it counts, this a unique and interesting skywatch Alexa!

  7. PS
    Shell is right, there is one on the hood of the car too! that makes three that I spot!


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