Thursday, August 6, 2009


One of my all-time favorite roller coasters!
Wanna take a ride? Here's a bit more info.
Am a bit ashamed to admit that I talked
daughter Lila into riding it with me when
she was only 5. Believe she has since
forgiven me however. (Please click on
the photo to see how much fun these
folks were having.)


  1. fun Alexa? they look petrified! or, maybe that is me projecting my own fear onto them...he-he.

  2. Wheeee indeed - some of those expressions are priceless, Alexa!

  3. Ahahahaha! They let you you take a 5 year old child on that thing?!?!

    After I graduated from college (literally, the week after), my friends and I went to Six Flags in Dallas, TX. He was an avid roller coaster fan where as I have never gotten on one before.

    Let's just say, he made me ride EVERY roller coaster in the park, some of them twice. To this day, I tell people, I have ridden enough times on a roller coaster to last me 10 life times.

  4. Ming -- well, she was almost 6 ;~}
    I would have loved that trip with your roller coaster–riding friend!


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