Tuesday, August 11, 2009

more terrace envy

Shot this one from the Brooklyn side of 
the Bklyn Bridge. In addition to a
fabulous terrace, these folks have a super 
view of the Manhattan skyline!
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  1. That was my dream when I lived in Paris, along with living on one of those "péniches" located on the Seine bank !!!!
    Great shot and link ! I can imagine you wandering with your camera in the hands,, ready to shoot, looking for THE view ! Don't you ever bump into people on the streets ? !!!!

    BTW, something totally not related :
    my friends suggest we go to a Broadway show in September, which one do you think should see and understand, my husband and I ? Hard question, isn't it ?

  2. I love what people make of things! Such creativity. I'd have to add a market umbrella or awning of some description, though - too much sun for me. This reminds me of a bridge in Indooroopilly in Brisbane, which has residential quarters in each end, still used today. Looks nothing like this but reminds me of it!

  3. wow...creativity at it's best!

  4. Marylene—pour moi, not a hard question at all. Unless you hate them, I suggest you see a musical (that's Broadway for me). My first choice would be South Pacific. It's been playing for a while, so seats might be easier to get (and you can probably get same-day discounted tickets if you're willing to stand in line a bit. Check out this link to see what's available. (I don't usually bump into people, but I do walk around constantly looking for potential photos!)
    Shell -- I'd absolutely put up an umbrella! I think it would be fun to live inside a bridge too.
    Bee-Bee -- you'd know!


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