Thursday, August 20, 2009


I love EVERYTHING about the beach:
shells underfoot, sand in your suit,
pesky seagulls that want your lunch, and 
this stuff —which we turned into
"mermaid hair" when we were little.
(Okay, not that fond of green flies
and jellyfish, but who is?)


  1. What about sunburn and sand in your snack ? I am kiddind, I love everything too, the smell of sun cream, the kids who splash either sand when you just put your cream or water when you're half asleep and almost "well done" !!!!
    I DO love beaches, sand or "galets"(?).
    Do you have those poor guys who spend their day selling "chouchoux", roasted, caramel coated peanuts ? I can tell you they do deserve their bonus ! But ever since I don't go to the beach with children, I don't get samples anymore ! Strange !!
    But I totally hate jellyfish, I'd rather not swimm, which I LOVE, than taking the chance (!!!) of meeting one.
    Sorry for this long post, too talkative today, I've been sick a few days and didn't comment so I have to catch up !!!

  2. I love the beach too - at sunset when the sting has gone out of the rays. Just too intense for me during the day. But when the sun's going down? Ahhhhh.

    Marylène, now I really would love some roasted, caramel coated peanuts. Sigh. Glad to hear you're feeling better - sorry you were under the weather.

  3. Lovely, lovely still life. I picked up lots of shells this summer in beaches around Seattle.

  4. My friends -- there's something about the beach that can bring out the poet in you, I see!
    I wondered where you were, Marylene, and glad to hear you're on the mend. Must stay well for your big voyage!

  5. I do my best to stay well ! I start counting days !
    No real schedule set yet, I just we'll arrive in NY on Saturday 19th and leave Tuesday 22nd, hotel prices are so high we can only afford to stay 3 nights !!!! But those 4 days will be "bien remplis" !!!

  6. Those are pretty seaweed. The textures and colors are so different from land weed. :-)


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