Sunday, August 2, 2009

restaurant week

And here's a shadow shot for Sunday, too.
Restaurant week just ended here, but it was
a good opportunity to eat at a couple of places
I might not have if they weren't offering the
special prix fixe menu ($24 for lunch, $35 for
dinner). This is Periyali, where the marinated
grilled octopus is SO tender. Yum.


  1. How often do they have restaurant week ? I wouldn't refure that kind of prices next September !!
    I like the shadow head, is it yours ? And the shadow letters on his shirt !!

  2. Mmmm, marinated occi. There are many 'set menu' deals here too, due to the current frugal times. It's a great incentive to try new places.

    Marylène, that's a great catch on the shadows - I missed them until I read your comment! A dual-purpose photo, Alexa.

  3. wow... marinated are a brave girl indeed Alexa. My son would try that & I have no idea where he gets his courage from!
    Nice shadows, I think that looks like your head in there.

  4. Hmmm ... I'm not sure I'd give that dish a try. Nifty restaurant shadows ;--)

  5. Great shadows there. Nive light in the photo too.

  6. Sorry, Marylene, probably won't happen again so soon.
    That is indeed my head, but I've since chopped off a whole lot of hair, so it doesn't stick out any more. Anyway, the octopus really is great—actually not like octopus at all!

  7. Diners contemplate
    the prix fixe menu choices—
    and then they dig in!

    My Shadow Shots

  8. Very interesting photograph - I like the printing across the man.


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