Wednesday, August 5, 2009

abc wednesday - C is for "chimney pots"

—hundreds and hundreds of them, with a
bonus thrown in. If you've been to the
Beaubourg (Centre Pompidou), you'll
recognize that this photo (one of my faves)
was taken from there, with a pretty long lens.

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  1. awesome photo, I love the colors Alexa! what a great mood this photo has.
    nice C post too.

  2. What a quaint shot. And a great idea for 'C'

  3. Oh Alexa, how stunning! And those little touches of red are gorgeous. I'll leave the ET chant for ET Suzy in hopes that she comes along!

  4. I almost went with chimney pots myself. Great choice, very nostalgic.

  5. I would never disappoint Shell, so...

    Eiffel Tower!
    Eiffel Tower!!
    Eiffel Tower!!!

    Undeniably beautiful photo. I adore rooftop scenes, and the red chimneys really make this photo special!

  6. Always nice to see photos of Paris. Nice choice!

  7. Merci to you all!
    I was hoping you'd happen along for this one too, Suzy—I can no longer see an image of the ET without thinking of you (or a pointy-topped doo-dad w/o thinking of Shell)!

  8. I have seen shots with as many chimneys, but the white painted houses make them stand out so well, don't they? Great shot!

  9. Nice to have an unusual view of the Eiffel Tower. Rooftop views are always so interesting with so many different shapes.

  10. It took me 2 seconds to find the chimneys because my eyes naturally focused on the Eiffel Tower. But what a beautiful scenery of rooftops in Paris. If you had not mentioned the chimneys, I would not have noticed it and would have missed the beauty of them all.

  11. A special photo, for sure - chimney pots! Cool!


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