Monday, April 6, 2009

The U.N.

The Secretariat building, to be exact. Where
there will no doubt be a lot of discussion in
the next few days and weeks about North
Korea's little stunt. What is it about those
insane fanatical-dictator types that they
just can't seem to play by the rules??


  1. Yes, just read about North Korea this a.m.

    I remember going on a field frip from Pa. in grade six to visit the UN.

  2. {Mumble mumble, flat-topped doo-dad.} But I see some fine reflections in this most important mirrored establishment, including a nice PTDD. What a gloriously fine day, Alexa! I'll bet that little birdie was singing in his tree today.

  3. stupid dictators...they're all the same!
    I like this shot though Alexa!


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