Friday, April 3, 2009


These buildings in Tudor City look like
they're about to be inundated by a big
steel and glass tsunami.  I checked:  A
lot of these cars have diplomatic plates.


  1. I’m grateful to Alexa for showing us such scenes as we can see here, and providing that informative link, into a world I did not know existed.

    I did find interior views of one of the apartments. The bath is much different from the one Shell showed us yesterday, but it seems to suit the residents.

    Threatened by that tsunami, as Alexa has brilliantly put it, yet, in line with being Tudor, the building, in this photo, dominates those seas.

    I must say though that square seems to be a bit pricey for any geese who may wish to communicate.

  2. I'll bet the people who lived once-upon-a-time on the Tudor buildings' top floors thought they were really high up...if they only knew.

  3. A fine photo and description, Alexa. The Tudor looks somewhat as I feel when I'm out in a crowd.

  4. Nice linkage, TG. There's a lovely park too, though not quite as impressive as this Tudor garden.

    bibi -- would have liked to see it back then.

    shell -- me too!


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