Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"The River"

For some reason, when I'm taking a photo of
a painting or piece of sculpture I like to zoom
in on a hand if I can.  This one belongs to
Aristide Maillol's "The River," which lives in
the sculpture garden at the museum of
Modern Art.  Here's a much better 
shot of the whole thing.


  1. It is impressive what you did with the sculpture. The link is appreciated also. That Maillol is quite a talent. He sculpted a near perfect likeness of Mitzi Gaynor.

  2. I was in a rush and now want to add something. Two plus seven equals nine. There. Done.

    No seriously, hands can be so expressive. And I love the contrast in textures. The photo, at first glance, looks B&W but that is belied by those copper colored circles. Pennies tossed and wished upon for good luck?

    Here’s wishing you good fortune.

  3. LOL, TG! Your mind works in convoluted and mysterious ways (we like that about you).
    Pennies, yes—for wishing, but I can't tell you what I wished (though it may have been to have the metabolism of, say, Mitzi Gaynor, as opposed to that of a Maillol maiden).

  4. I love reading about your creative process Alexa. This photo is exceptional. And Tall G-Man, Alexa is right, we love the way your mind works...your sense of humour and wit are better than my daily dose of 12 hr Allegra...okay, maybe I'm pushing that one a bit, but you know what I mean. Achoo!


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