Sunday, April 5, 2009

a tree grows in Brooklyn

. . . right across the street from my place.
It's a sycamore, and this little guy just
moved into his new home—can't you
tell how house-proud he is?
P.S. -- he got it for a song!


  1. I love sycamores, the way their branches carve into the sky in such dramatic ways; and I love puns; and songbirds. I can almost hear that guy twittering away.

    Boy, am I a happy camper visiting this post today.

  2. Oh, how adorable, Alexa! It took me a minute to see the little birdie. Very chirpy-looking. I, too, am feeling in a wilical mood all of a sudden. {My word verification but it seems quite descriptive.} And thanks for that unexpected link, TG ~ I haven't listened to KG in a while.

  3. I really love this picture, the way colors match !
    I am just wondering how long you had to wait to take it.
    You really have the eye to catch wonderful moments.

  4. Hey, TG -- Kenny G! I actually like his sax AND his hair. So there.

    Yes, this little guy is pretty well camouflaged.
    And, Marylene, I didn't have to wait at all. I was walking down the street and there he was—so I took out my camera and snapped the picture (oh, wait—maybe I shouldn't admit how easy it was).


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