Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Theme Day

Okay, I'll play along.  Today's theme is "yellow"
and here's NYC's iconically yellow thing. 
So why does it make me think of PHX-CDG?


  1. Hmmm. Because she is off duty at the moment? She urinated but a single time the year President Nixon was temporarily re-elected? She has a checkered past? When she flies into the capitol of France on the airline of her employment she always stays at a pink hotel with a boutique and a swinging hot spot?

  2. Look forward to seeing lots of NYC taxis this June.

    Please check my blog today--I am so proud--Bibi made the headlines.

  3. How fitting that your NYC iconically yellow thing had a Paris sign on top. Beautiful photo, Alexa. And TG ~ I just don't know what to say. A masterpiece, even by your standards. Magnifique.

    Congrats, Bibi! I'm intrigued and I'm popping over now.

  4. TG -- I agree with Shell—that was too good.
    Gotta say, though, your mind works in some weird ways!

    bibi -- Your blog made me laugh. But just that face alone gives me a giggle every time—it was bound to be picked out of a big pack and taken to a good home (and a life in the spotlight). You will surely be seeing LOTS of yellow iconic things while you're here. None of them will ever be available for hire, of course, so best to just save your dinars and take the subway.

  5. Shell -- re your question on my 3/29 post: I wouldn't think of traveling Down Under & not visiting Melbourne!

  6. Well,TG, I just about urinated (due to laughter and surprise)when I saw both your comments and a post with a reference to moi!

    I must have this picture as I haven't seen a taxi yet with the AA Paris sign on top.

    Off to Paris tomorrow to look for an Alexa sign(Le Procope?)

  7. Alexa, oh boy ~ so I have to fly down to Melbourne to meet you? If that's what it takes, I shall! {Happy to find an excuse to go to my second favourite Australian capital city. It's way too long since I've been to a footy match or KoKo Black.}

  8. Yikes, Shell -- I said Melbourne when I totally meant Brisbane, of course! Duh. That's like you saying you wouldn't travel to the States without coming to Chicago, I guess. Although I gotta say -- those chocolates look almost worth a trip to Melbourne.
    Some cute footballers there too!

  9. Phew ;) I actually wondered if you were pulling my leg... though seriously, I would go to Melbourne for you. But far better for you to come here so I can show you how wonderful Brisbane is. And yes, those chocs are something else and yes, so are those footballers!


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